About Jose Almeida: Bushkill, PA Photographer - Jose Almeida Photography

About the photographer

A few fun facts

Of Portuguese decent * born in New Jersey * speak three languages * writer/poet on some days * morning person * read all sorts of books * I have a crazy dog whom I adore * an uncle to three* a godfather to three more * prefer mountains/rivers over the beach * vintage anything * autumn over any season* fireplace lover * fresh eggs picked daily from my backyard chickens * enjoy time spent with good folks * allergic to peaches * camera shy * IT nerd * 80’s music lover * believer in following your dreams * coffee over tea * red wine over beer * a good son & person

My work

No matter the situation I am always up beat and usually have a smile on my face. I am drawn to those unguarded and candid scenes. I don’t try to pose the couple or model in a situation where they are not comfortable or don't look authentic. For wedding it's about looking for those real moments as that is what will draw me in. With my images I attempt to pass on an artistic feel that reveals feelings of emotion onto the viewer. Capturing the day as it all unfolds and documenting the story in a creative way.

While working I am super easy going with clients on a wedding day, an engagement shoot or a portrait session. My goal is to have them be relaxed and just be themselves as in my experience this creates the most amazing photos all while having fun at them same time.

About this website

This world we live in is filled with beauty in all forms be it in nature or through people. This website is a place I can express my own personal vision which captures moments of emotion, beauty and the diversity of the world around us. Other photographers have inspired me to explore the world. I hope my photographs here on this website will provide that same inspiration also for others. 

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